Sunday, February 9, 2014

Terrible conditions, great ride

I haven't ridden much lately. I've taken some errands but not logged them.

I lost my computer for a month and a half. My wife found them in the pocket of a jacket that was in the donation pile. Whoops. Well, I have it back, and that's good.

It's been two weeks, maybe more for me. Felt great.

TL;DR: conditions were awful. Great ride anyway.

Boring details:

It was 23ºF, not 27º which is what Garmin claims. Also, it was snowing. I rode almost to the top of Mohonk. Visibility was poor, but the scenery was gorgeous anyway. Traffic was light and courteous. My pump is leaking like crazy, so I was only able to go to about 40 psi, but that was OK.

I wore enough clothes. On top: Wool sweater-vest, then cotton T-shirt, then sweater then rain jacket. On legs: cycling tights, then wool trousers. On feet: two pairs of wool socks, one of them up to the knee. Cycling shoes which are really running shoes with SPD cleats. On face: olive oil, then carpenter's goggles, rear view mirror, scarf around neck, another scarf around head, helmet. On hands: giant winter mittens stuffed with down.

I am pretty surprised at how comfortable I was. I put duct tape over the toes of my shoes to prevent cold toes. It worked, or at least it didn't make me cold. I was not cold at all. My hands were hot and sweaty. I couldn't find a hat to wear under my helmet, so I tied a scarf around my head, with the knot in the back. I looked like I had a big braid in back.

As you can see, I didn't go far, but it was good to pedal hard on the bike for a short while. The climbing was what you might call tough, and the grade might have been 6% at its worst, but I felt like I could go on for hours.

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